Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Planning for 2015

This week I noticed the dates have been set for the 2015 NB Sportsmen Show in Moncton.    This 3 day Trade show and convention is absolutely huge with thousands of fishing and boating enthusiasts from all over coming to take in the exhibits and presentations.    It took literally hours to walk around the entire massive floor space last year and see everything there was to offer.    

However there was one aspect of the fishing industry that was noticably absent last year.    Kayak Fishing!    Well that will not be the case this year.    I contact the organizers with the hope they would allow me to join the list of presenters and do a piece on kayak fishing in New Brunswick.    Well, the idea went over so well that I was offered a booth where I could promote, discuss and educate attendees all weekend on the various aspects of kayak fishing and the opportunities for kayak fishing here in our province!    What a great opportunity to help build our sport!

This is a fantastic opportiunity for myself and other kayak anglers who I'll look to for help to really push awareness of kayak (and canoe) fishing to the general public.    Also, this gives me as the organizer for the largest two kayak/canoe fishing tournaments in Eastern Canada an opportunity to reach out to companies involved in kayak fishing and offer to feature their products at this show.    My thought is that in return for the exposure and promotion I'll give to these kayak fishing products, the companies would be asked to sponsor our tournaments and in turn, help to grow the kayak fishing community!

As we get into the later parts of Winter, I'll have hopefully solidified exactly this booth will be laid out, who will help me run it, and how we will work to best promote our sport.     If you have any thoughts on this, want to contribute to this effort as a sponsor or in person, or have any questions/ideas/suggestions, please let me know!

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