Saturday, November 1, 2014

Joel Abrahamsson's amazing catch

Talk about a dream kayak fishing adventure!

Joel Abrahamsson or Joel KayakAngler as he's also known, is a pretty hard core kayak fisherman and one of those guys that I'd love to meet and someday have an opportunity to learn from. Hardcore doesn't really do Joel justice as his record setting catch of a 1200 pound Greenland Shark proves.

While I'm managed to impress a few people around here with some of the catches I've made in kayak, it's nothing compared to what Joel rountinely hauls up out of the ocean!

I'm now inspired to spend more time in the Bay of Funday in 2015 seeking out bigger and stronger fish! Atlantic Sturgeon, large flounder, or perhaps even a shark of my own!    Though I suppose I'll be wanting to get some support from a boat crew for some of those catches!

Check out this amazing video of the record smashing kayak fishing record!   You can start at the 35 min mark to fast forward to just before the shark surfaces.

Congratulations Joel!!!

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