Monday, November 3, 2014

Kayak Angler Choice Awards - Round 2

The second of three rounds of voting gets underway this morning.  While I can't hide my disappointment that this blog did not get enough support to make it to round 2, I am very humbled to see that myself personally has made it through to the next round for Angler of the Year, and my video of the 54 inch sturgeon also made it for Video of the Year!

Vote here for round 2!

I had actually anticipated the opposite results for round two! There are a lot of anglers out there who have been in this sport for a lot longer than I, and naturally they have more presence and are better known in the industry.   That is especially those who's job is centered in the sport as a professional angler or guide, or those with television shows!

As a recreational angler and a relative unknown in the world of kayak fishing, I'm proud to have garnered the support of enough people to have made it this far in the competition, and I thank all that have supported me thus far.   As the blog didn't make it, the prize offered from last week isn't up for grabs, lets do something a little different.    If I am to make it as a finalist for either the Angler of the Year, or Video of the Year, I'll give away not only the sticker pack with some Sharktooth products, but also pay for the entry fee into both the Hammond River Classic and the NB Paddler's Derby next year for the randomly selected winner.   Should the winner not be available for either or both derbies, I'll come up with another prize of roughly equal value.

Then, should either myself or the video go on to actually land as one of the top three entries, I'll give away a Denali Rosewood Rod!   Either a 6'8" MH Worm & Jig or the 6'8" H Worm & Jig model, it will be up to the winner to choose!   That is a $200 value and a heck of a fantastic rod for sturgeon fishing!    In fact the MH rod is the same rod I have used to bring up not only 4 foot sturgeon this past year, buts also the same rod I've landed a 38" striped bass with!    This rod not only is extremely light, but it has amazing sensitivity and strength as well!

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