About Joe

Hi, thanks for taking a moment to check me out!    Regardless of any impression this blog may give, I am NOT a fishing expert, but rather a fishing enthuasist!   Every time I hit the water I hope to learn something new.    After taking a rod out on a kayak back in 2012 as an experiment, I instantly fell in love with the combination of kayaking and fishing and things have taken off pretty rapidly from there!

Outside of fishing, I am a regular working stiff / family man.   I have worked about 17 years now in the IT industry as a software engineer, implementation specialist, architect,...etc.   If there is a job out there which would allow me to use my technical background and communciation skills in the kayak or fishing industries, please let me know!   :-)

I have two great young boys (Fynn and Rowan) with my wife Anna who love to get out in the kayak with me.   Teaching them to paddle and fish has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to both boys regularly outfishing me for many years to come!
Some of the things I'm currently involved in with the kayak fishing community here in New Brunswick:
  • Pro-Staff for several great companies including
  • Fishing columnist for the Ossekeag family of local magazines (as of April 2015)

I started this blog to capture my fishing experiences, share the knowledge I gain, and hopefully help others get into the sport.   I'm always open for making new fishing buddies, learning from others, and just getting out to enjoy the outdoors. If you are interested in taking a trip out in New Brunswick for a fish and would like the company, let me know!