Thursday, April 14, 2016

One more day till trout season!

April 15th in New Brunswick is sometimes called Fishmas.   It is the first day that most rivers, brooks and streams are open for fishing here in the province.     This means anglers from across the province will be calling in sick to work, out enjoying the sun that is in the forecast, and trying to catch their first trout of the season.

For all anglers, please take the time to look through the regulations for your area in this years fish book located here.    You don't want to be caught doing something illegal when you didn't realize you were doing so.   The regulations for certain areas of the province, especially the various salmon rivers, are often a bit different.   Be sure that not only the river you fish, but the section of the river you are fishing is in fact open!

Interesting to note, the regulations for smallmouth bass has changed this year for many areas.   Generally speaking the retention limit has been increased to 5 smallmouth ranging in size from 10 cm to 60 cm.  However in 'managed waters', those where smallmouth are to be more protected, the retention limits are far more restrictive.   Be sure to know the rules for where you are fishing if you are one of those anglers looking to keep smallmouth for a meal.

For those of you fishing in tidal waters, there are still rules and limits in place, especially around fish like trout, bass and salmon.   Do not assume that because you are in tidal waters that you have free reign to fish for and retain anything.  

I encourage everyone heading out this weekend to be good stewards of the environment, and never litter.  In fact, make it a goal to bring back any garbage you may spot while out fishing!