2017 Event Calendar

Are you looking for some kayak fishing tournaments, gatherings or other such events this year in New Brunswick?   Here is a list of some great events which you should consider joining!   Kayak fishing events are always very friendly and welcoming to new anglers.  The offer a great venue to meet other anglers, learn tips from the more experienced folks in the sport, and even test drive other peoples kayaks in case you are considering purchasing a new model yourself.

Many of these events offer overnight camping where you will be able to get to know the other anglers off the water in a very relaxed and friendly environment.  These events are always kid friendly so if you have a child who loves to fish, don't hesitate to bring them along!

If you have another event you would like to see added to this list, please let me know!   There may be other great kayaking events taking place in our province, but this list will focus on those events which offer kayak fishing opportunities.

As if you didn't already have enough choices on this date, the NB Paddler's Derby has been resurrected this year!  This event, held at the site of Eco-Logicial Adventures is a multi species paddlers derby where you catch as many different types of fish as you can.    Eco-Logical Adventure has been generous enough to donate a kayak which will be given away via random draw to one lucky participant who registers for both halves of this kayak fishing mini-series.   For many kayak anglers, this is an event that has been sorely missed the past few years and lots of people are happy to see it return!
While most people there will be fishing from shore, kids fishing from kayak is certianly allowed and would be sure to turn a few heads!
This will be a new location for a kayak paddling derby and should offer lots of fun and new water to explore for veterans of the NB's kayak fishing events.
This is a fantastic tournament which I've attended now for three years and have had a wonderful time despite not actually catching any shad!   I did hook a few my first year, but lost them as they were my first ever hooked shad and I hadn't known how to land them at that point.    The folks there do a wonderful job running this event with a great breakfast served, then a day of fishing followed by lots of friendly banter at the riverside as the catches are weighed.    Then it is back to town to award prizes.   Last year they added a couple of new categories for perch and chub (both of which are plentiful, and my 5 year old won a medal in both categories.    My son Rowan was actually the first kid to ever participate in the event and he has been talking about going back ever since!

This will be the first year for a brand new striper derby in Bathurst!   This event promises to be a fantastic time with a very unique kayak event fishing for one of the most exciting species of fish one can catch in the province.   With over $2500 in cash up for grabs as well as other great prizes, there are all sorts of reasons why you do not want to miss this one!