Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fantastic Day for Sturgeon!

Today is Remembrance Day, and most people have a holiday to pay their respects and remember the sacrifice made by so many so that we could live the life we are fortunate enough to live.   I however didn't have a holiday, but I was able to take a half day off from work.   With this time, I took to the water in my Old Town Predator 13 kayak chasing some more big sturgeon.

It was a fantastic day for me.   I must have happened onto a school of them in the first place I chose and ended up catching 8 in this spot over the course of a few hours.   Almost all in the 38 - 43 inch range!   What a great start!    I eventually changed positions one the bite died off and had to be patient for a while as it seemed the sturgeon gave up on me.

But my patience was rewarded as I eventually hooked into a nice 50 inch sturgeon right at the mouth of the Hammond River!    Like all but 3 of the 12 fish I landed on the day this big one was foul hooked (aka jigged).     Thanks to the sensitivity of the Denali Rods, I was able to feel anything that would brush against my line, so I when this happened I raised the rod, hoped it would bring up solid.   This technique actually accounted for 8 of the fish I caught today!    Sturgeon are not small fish, and when they are foul hooked they feel twice as heavy, my arms and the rods had a bit of a workout  today.

With the GoPro out and positioned behind me, I didn't get much in the way of great video, but I did get a lot of nice pictures on the day!   I hope you like them!

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  1. Nice work Joe! Looks like a perfect day on the water. :)