Thursday, October 16, 2014

First time supporting a Kickstarter campaign!

I came across a new product by way of a Facebook posting from one of the kayak angler magazines I follow for the Line Cutterz Ring.   This is a very cool project conceived and put together by one Vance Zahorski out of the beautiful State of Wisconson.    Vance is a kayak angler with a very nice blog, so naturally I feel just a little compelled to support him in this venture!

The Line Cutterz ring is a cool ring in and of itself, but also feature a hidden blade allowing you to quickly cut fishing line without trying to keep track of your knife or clippers.   For kayak anglers, any tool that is useful, always within reach, small, easy to use at night, and impossible to lose is basically invaluable, so the Line CutterZ ring I am sure will quickly become a 'must have' tool for all kayak anglers.  

To get this project off the ground, Vance has started a Kickstarter campaign.    You can check out a great video of the project, see a fantastic list of advantages, pictures,...etc.     If you choose to contribute to the project you will be able to select from several different great rewards, check it out and if you like the idea contribute a few dollars!

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