Monday, October 27, 2014

Vote Now!! Kayak Angler Choice Awards - Round 1

The Kayak Angler Choice Awards (KACA) is finally up now and will be taking votes for just 1 week here in round 1.


Enter my contest for a prize.... after you have voted for the blog (honor system in place!:  Click Here
This blog, which I have high hopes for, is up in the kayak angler's Blog of the Year category.   Also up for consideration is my video of the 54 inch record sturgeon caught in sturgeon alley this Spring for Video of the Year, and myself personally for Angler of the Year!

To encourage voting I'm going to be giving away some great prizes!    For each round that I make it through, the prizes will get better and better eventually ending with a fantastic prize (possibly a new Denali Rod!) should the blog eventually win Blog of the Year!    To be up for a prize, simply go vote for your choices for the KACA prizes, and then come back here and fill out your name below!

There are other great local nominees as well including Eco-Logicial Adventures for Retailer of the Year.   Without Paul's support from Eco-Logical Adventures, the sport of kayak angling would be no where as active and popular as it has grown to become.   Paul has donated 2 kayaks a year for several years now to the local kayak angling tournaments and is a huge reason why these events are as popular as they are.    Eco-Logical adventures definately deserves your consideration for retailer of the year!

Under the Location of the Year category is sturgeon alley.   This is where I do all of my fishing for about 4 months of the year.    In sturgeon alley I have caught all of the following:    White Perch, Yellow Perch, Smallmouth bass, Striped Bass, Catfish, American Eel, Suckers, Tommy Cod and Gaspereau.   I've also seen or heard of burbot (this past weekend!), Shad, smelt, Trout, Salmon, Pickerel, and others being caught or passing through there each year.     There is no other location I know of which offers such an amazing variety of fish in our local area with easy access!

For the Forum of the Year, we have to look at Canadian Kayak Anglers (CKA).    It is the premiere forum for kayak angling discussions for anyone across the country.    I've made several friends on CKA from across the country and am looking forward to eventally making a trip to Ontario or B.C. to meet some in person and head out fishing with them!

 One you have voted, and I'm taking you for your word you voted for this blog, just enter your name and contact info here to be in for the first round of the contest.    To be in for the second and third (final) rounds you will need to vote and enter your information here again.

Enter the contest here!

Oh, here is the video that is up for the Video of the Year!

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  1. You're in pal. Missed the video and the survey they posted didn't let you go back to resubmit, but there's a vote for you there for the other categories.