Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sturgeon starting to pick up in the Kennebacasis!

I went out last night with newly minted 50" club member Matt McDonald to sturgeon alley to try out a little experiment with my sturgeon techniques before the big derby on Sunday. The tide was coming in, and it was a touch windy and very dark and cloudy, but other than that a beautiful evening! :-)

Matt started things off with a 29" sturgeon and was then preoccupied the rest of the evening catching tommy cods.   I picked a spot where I hoped would be somewhat free of Tommy Cods and got lucky.   I managed to catch a surprising 7 sturgeon all between 25 and 34.5 inches.    I did have on an 8th and it would certianly have been much bigger, possibly nearing the 4 foot range, however after a few minutes where I was being hauled in circles, the sturgeon managed to cause a tangle with my second rod and eventually get off as I tried to sort that out.

Oh well, at least I was able to try out the adaptations to my techniques that I had been wanting to work on, and discover somethings that work and did not work about it.  As to what those ideas are exactly, I may share..... after the derby.  lol!

So 7 sturgeon in a couple of hours within a couple of hours of high slack tide, and an 8th that could have been a prize contender.   That bodes very well for the derby on Sunday when high slack tide should be a little after noon!    The judges are going to be busy!!!

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