Tuesday, April 8, 2014

YakAttack, Vexilar, and new team jersey!

I am very excited to have two fantastic new companies to add to the fold as sponsors!


YakAttack has decided to bring me into the fold as a pro-staffer, and my thanks goes out to Luther Cifers for this. I've heard great things about both Luther and YakAttack from my fellow kayak anglers throughout eastern Canada, so I cannot wait to get some new gear to equip the Old Town Predator kayak I'll be purchasing in the coming month or two! Stay tuned for an update on that!

 YakAttack makes some great kayak rigging gear in the highest quality in the market. Rod holders, camera mounts, leashes and tethers, and of course one piece I really have my sights on is a the VisiFlag.


 My other new sponser is Vexilar, maker of the very cool new product, the Sonar Phone. This little 'bobber' emit communicates to one's smart phone, and together makes a very cool looking fish finder / depth finder / temperature reader! With a piece of equipment like this, you simply need to tie a piece of line onto the Sonarphone unit, drop it in the water next to the kayak, and your phone will show you exactly what lies in the water below you! I'll give a more detailed review of this cool device once I receive it and take it out with the Greater Saint John Kayak Anglers for trial, but if you really want to get your hand on one now, just head over to Doiron's Sports Excellence where they carry this product today!

 Finally, Johnson's Adventure on the Water sent me a team jersey yesterday. My thanks to Jonathan Logan and the folks at Old Town for this. I'll wear it with pride all year long as I continue to enjoy my Old Town kayaks and canoe fishing with friends and family! 

Obviously there is still a fair amount of snow on the groud here, so getting out in kayak hasn't yet been possible.   However this Sunday looks good from the forecast and I may finally get out for my first fish of the year in the Bay of Fundy!    Finger's crossed!