Monday, April 21, 2014

Battling waves and wind in Sturgeon Alley

I somehow knew today was not the day to be heading out to Sturgeon Alley, but with Anna and the kids home from school for the holiday, I was not able to let this Easter Monday pass by without hitting the water!

I hit the water early, and John Cail (aka IPOP) showed up a little later.   On the way out to the alley, the wind was somewhat at my back, allowing me to actually ride the waves in parts in my kayak!    As much fun as that was..... I knew there would be hell to pay on the return venture!

Overall it was a terrible day out there.   The wind and waves were so strong that it was difficult getting anchored without being pushed along.   It was the first time my 10 lb gym weight struggled to hold me!   I had forgotten my favorite gloves in the back of the CRV so most the day my fingers were numb.

Just as John arrived I managed to catch a 31.5 inch shortnose, and then a 32 inch atlantic.   These are basically average size sturgeon for our area.   Notice the longer, narrower nose on the second sturgeon, as well as the very pronounced scutes along it's sides and down it's back.    It could be very easy to cut your line on those bony protrusions if you were to wrap your line around it, which is why I use 50 lb braid for my main line and 40 lb mono for my leader!

On the second catch, the atlantic, I was using my Denali Signature Series Mark Tylor MH Multipurpose rod.   It's a fantastic rod that is light as a feather, amazingly sensitive, and plenty of strength to handle most anything in our local waters.   I'll be using this rod for a lot of my fishing this year!    I love the bend the rod gives, which is shown well in this video.     Another thing you may notice is all the gear that comes up with the sturgeon.   Both of my lines got wrapped around him and caused quite the massive tangle!   I ended up cutting both lines and remaking the leaders again!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and video!