Friday, April 18, 2014

First successful fishing trip of 2014

Easter Weekend and finally the rivers around my area are ready for kayak fishing!   The water is amazingly high, very muddy and we are weeks behind the regular seasonal schedule for fishing.    So this morning I went out with fellow kayak angler JC Cormier and a few other friends and tried our luck fishing for trout, or even perch! 

Through the morning nothing was biting, which was no big surprise.   So after a few hours we headed back to the Darling's Island bridge and met with a very nice reporter from the Telegraph Journal who is interested in doing a piece on kayak fishing.    The story came out great!

JC and friends headed home at this point but I was no where near done for the day!   So I made the 30+ minute paddle out to Sturgeon Alley to see if I might have any luck!    Sure enough, it was a very productive day!

After 15 minutes I got several hits, and landed a 34, then a 37, then a 38 inch sturgeon!   A very heavy one hit shortly after but I lost it as I tried to bring it to the surface with too much force.  Just by weight I would have to thing it was as big or bigger as the 46 inch sturgeon I brought up a little later in the day.    Over the next few hours I brought up a few more and ended the day landing 7 sturgeon, and losing 2 others.    Three of the sturgeon was over 36 inches, which are my first three entries this year into Kayak Wars!

I'll probably get out again on Monday, possibly for trout but otherwise again for sturgeon.    I want to hit that elusive 60 inch fish. and so far with this great start to the season, it may be sooner than later!

Here is a video capturing the day.    I'm still getting used to the GoPro, and am sure to improve on camera location as I get more experience!   Am thinking I should have publishing this at a higher quality... I choose 'YouTube' quality, will try HD next time.