Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sharktooth Product Review
I finally made it down yesterday to Calais to pick up a package of Shark Tooth product that had been waiting for me a couple of weeks!    As it isn't available in stores yet in Canada, many of you may not have heard of it.

If you have ever had a spool of line unravel in your pocket or your gear bag, and really, we have all had that happen many times, then you will find this simple little device very neat!

This device, invented by Robert (aka Bobby Brown Trout) Holt from Fly Fishing Xtreme will save a ton of aggravation and time by preventing your leader spools from getting unwound and tangled.   When it comes time to take out some new leader, you just haul out the amount you want, fold it back over the built in protected blade, and cut the line.    You have you leader cut, and about an inch of line left sticking out of the band ready for you next cut!

I'm happy to say that every participant in either the NB Paddler's Derby or the Hammond River Classic this year will receive a Shark Tooth to take out on the water with them along with their tournament token!   Now that is a fantastic sponsorship!

Here is my first ever video product review!

Interested in getting your hands on the SharkTooth?    Stay tuned as this product will be introduced to retailers over the next month or two, and hopefully soon after it will start showing up on store shelves.   Don't be afraid to mention it to your local favorite fishing retailer, and should they be interested in carrying this product, have them get in contact with me and I'll put them through to the Canadian Distributor.