Thursday, May 14, 2015

Video: Kayak Rigging Suggestions

Well here goes my first attempt at a 'selfie' instructional/informative kayak rigging video.   It is more of an overview into how I have rigged up a few of my kayaks than an in depth discussion on any one aspect of the subject.

During the video I highlight accessories from Railblaza, YakAttack and Scotty, as well as discuss the anchor trolley and the Grappler Anchor.   Each company has some fantastic distinct pieces that are superior than the others provide, but if you limit yourself to one company only I think you would be limiting yourself.

Of course, depending on what you are fishing for and the conditions in which you plan to venture, you may want to adjust your rigging from one day to the next.   What I bring with me on one kayak today, may be completely different than I bring with me tomorrow!

In reviewing the video I've come to a stark realization.... I need to lose some weight!  

I hope you like it!

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