Monday, May 11, 2015

So many choices!

Here we are well into May and the options for fishing have finally grown to the point where it is difficult to choose where to go and what to fish for on any given day.   I guess after the Winter we had, this is what you may call a good problem!    For anyone looking to head out fishing over the next couple weeks, here are a few great options.

Sea Trout - The sea run trout are now out there in those rivers that connect back to the Bay of Fundy.   I don't think the run is in full swing just yet, but I have heard of several sea run trout, including one by myself being caught.    This run won't last long so if you do want to catch one, now is the time!

Brown Trout, Lakers, Land Locked Salmon -  The bigger ponds around NB tend to hold one or more of these species and now is a great time to troll them looking for one of these trophy fish.   With the water temperatures cool, the fish tend to be closer to the surface and trolling a shallow running lure is often a productive way of finding one of the great fish.    I hit First Lake this past weekend with three others and didn't have much luck.   One of the guys caught a small land locked salmon, but thats all the luck we had before the wind picked up and made the paddle back 'fun'.

Pickerel  - I've heard several people now report they have caught pickerel, and in some cases big pickerel already this year.    I haven't gotten to any of my favorite pickerel spots yet, but plan to take Fynn and/or Rowan out for some in the next week or two.

Smallmouth bass - The first bass tournament of the year in NB was this past weekend.    There are some big bass out there waiting to be caught if you know where to go.  

Striped Bass - While it is not common to catch a striper in our local area, up on the Miramichi they are catching a lot of bass.   If you want to do a road trip, that would be the place I'd head!

Perch - I've heard reports that the perch are present now out at Sturgeon Alley, our local hotspot for sturgeon on the Kennebacasis river.   The presence of perch is the final nail in the coffin on the Spring Sturgeon season.    On the bright side, with the perch biting, it means there are more options to take a young child out fishing where you have a strong likelyhood the child will catch some fish.

Gaspereau and Shad - These fish aren't in the rivers just yet, but should show up within a couple of weeks.   Keep an eye out and I'll let you know when they are running!

With all these options, I'm hoping to hit the water at dawn once or twice a week before work and then again on the weekends with friends and kids.   Hopefully I'll see some of you out there!

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