Friday, May 29, 2015

Am now a published columnist!

Back at the start of the year, my expectations for the year was to essentially keep as I had ended 2014, that is maintain this blog, kayak fish as much as time and circumstance allowed and to continue to promote the sport and the province as best I can.    While those goals continue to hold true, I've found myself wearing a new hat this Spring, that of magazine columnist!

A few months back I proposed the idea of a fishing column to the fine folk at Ossekeag Publishing, creators of a family of local community magazines in our area.   The idea was well received as as of now, I'm three articles into a regular column in thier publications!   If you are from the Greater Saint John area, hopefully you've noticed and enjoyed one or two of these.

Here is a link to my author page at Ossekeag Publishing!

As well, as of today, I have an article published on Kayak Angler, the worlds foremost kayak fishing magazine!   This is an article in their Web magazine only (I assume), not to be confused with their printed magazine.    It is actually the 4th time I've been mentioned in Kayak Angler as I've provided content for a few of their 'ask a pro' articles in the past as well.      Here is a link to all the articles I've had some input on in Kayak Angler.

This particluar article, the first penned by myself for the magazine, is a profile of my good friend and kayak fishing mentor John Cail (aka IPop).    I hope you like it!   As time goes on, if I get other good ideas for articles that Kayak Angler may run, I may be able to provide more content in the future!    

Do you have an idea for an article I can work on for either the Ossekeag Publishing, Kayak Angler, or even my blog?  If so, let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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