Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fantastic end to Spring Sturgeon season

This year I fished sturgeon much harder in the Spring than I had ever done before and the numbers certianly show it.  58 sturgeon landed as of this afternoon, and I finally found the big one, a 50" fat monster of a shortnose sturgeon!   I had been trying for one of this magnitude and had given up hope but finally, just a couple hours before calling it quits on the season, she finally made her presence felt!    The 7 - 8 minutes of being pulled this way and that was worth it, and it was a great test of my new Abu Garcia Veracity Rod with the Abu Garcia Orra SX reel; the combo proved to be more than up to the challange!

Today, as was the case last weekend, I had the pleasure of guiding a first time sturgeon fisherman.   Not only was it his first time fishing sturgeon, it was also his first time getting his new fishing kayak on the water!  Being new to the world of kayak fishing, we discussed his options for the types of accessories he may look to invest in, how to equip an anchor trolley, and so forth.   Using some of my accessories to help keep things organized, Mike was able to land 3 sturgeon today, 2 of them at or over 40 inches!   Great job!

Yesterday however was the most memorable day of the year for me!    Fynn, my 7 year old, decided he wanted to try out his new Tetra 10 Angler kayak on the water and join me sturgeon fishing.    Now a decent sized sturgeon can require some strength to land, and I wasn't sure what to expect, but off we went anyway.    About 45 minutes into our trip, Fynn hooks into one!

It took him 8 - 10 minutes to finally wrestle the sturgeon to the surface, but he did it!   My only assistance was to lift his sturgeon into his lap once he had it directly next to him on the surface of the water.    Fynn was overjoyed at being likely the youngest kid in our area to land a sturgeon in kayak.    His was a nice 36 inch shortnose!     This was one memory we will not soon forget!

So that is it for me for sturgeon.   Next weekend could feature one of many possibilities.   Stripers on the Miramichi, trout on the Hammond, Lakers on First Lake, pickerel fishing with the kids,...etc.    Now we get into the season where there are more choices than there are days in the week!


  1. Congrats! That's a beauty! I was out there today too, for my first time. I didn't get anything, but my friend caught two about 24". Glad you had a good spring season!! See you on the water sometime.