Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Denali Rods for 2014!

My Denali Rods have arrived! Much thanks to Denali for sponsoring me for 2014! I'm am very excited to get out in the kayak and try out these beautifully crafted rods that promise to deliver an angling experience unlike any I've previously enjoyed. Among the 5 rods I'll be regularly carrying with me this year are:

  • The Jadewood Drop Shot rod: Will be my key medium action spinning rod for smaller fish such as perch, catfish and others.
  • The Kovert Misc Spinning rod:  An all around medium action spinning rod I'll for many species like pickerel and Small Mouth Bass that will put up more of a fight.
  • The  Rosewood Finesse rod:  A great medium action spinning rod to try many different approaches for fighters like Small Mouth, Trout and Land Lock salmon
  • The Rosewood Spinnerbait rod:  My first of two medium heavy action bait caster rods to target sturgeon, musky, and striper.
  • The Mark Tyler Signature rod:  A very high end medium heavy action casting rod again to be used to target bigger fish like sturgeon, musky and stripers.
This dream collection or rods would not be possible without the support of Denali.   I hope to earn this support through the year as I use, review and promote their product throughout New Brunswick.   I am confident that with these rods, I'll be better equipped than ever to land more fish than ever before and have a fantastic time doing so!