Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bigger isn't always better

We all want to catch that big fish when we are out with our hooks in the water, and I'm no different normally. However tonight was a different story. Out with a friend ice fishing in a shack for smelt, we were having little luck. There were lots of Tommy Cod, but only a few smelt.

Then I haul up my line to check the bait, and what do I find, but a baby lamprey eel! Not having done a heck of a lot of ice fishing, and only the last few years fishing in NB, I've never seen a lamprey eel before. From the top, with it's very big eyes, it looks almost cool. Turning it upside down however and seeing that tiny mouth full of teeth was a different story!

Recently on a trip we caught the blue perch I reported on earlier and now tonight a lamprey eel. Who knows what surprises are in store come my next trip on the ice, likley this Saturday!