Saturday, January 4, 2014

A first for New Brunswick?

Today, John Cail (IPop), and another friend we met on the New Brunswick Fishing Forum went up to French Lake, out past Oromocto to go ice fishing for the day.    While that in itself is not blog-worthy, what was caught is certianly worth the time to post about. 

About half way though the day, after we had already caught some pickerel, lots of perch, some cat fish and a chubb, John hauled up something none of us have ever seen before.   A blue perch!   This fish, about 8 inches looked exactly like a yellow perch, only it was blue!

Initially John thought it may be a 'logperch', however in looking online I don't think that is it.   I think it may be an actual yellow perch, just with some sort of skin ailment (bacteria some have said on the web) that has caused it to turn blue.

Blue perch like this have been reported in Ontario and some US States, and there are pictures to be found online.  However I cannot see any instance of where this has been reported in New Brunswick!   If this actually is a first, it is pretty cool to have been a part of it!