Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pickerel Weekend!

This weekend I went pickerel fishing Friday, Saturday and again Sunday.    Friday night my friend Andrew and I hit the Nerepis area, then on Saturday a group of 4 of us visited Otnabog, and then today I took a guided fishing client back to the Nerepis.    At this point, I'm all pickerel'ed out!

Friday night I met my friend Andrew after work at the launch and we headed out hoping to have a good night.   Up till then we had both been finding the pickerel fishing to be tougher than usual in our traditional places so we wanted to try out new waters and experiment a little.   It's a good thing we did!    I ended the evening with 10 pickerel including a pair that touched the 25" mark on my bump board!   Andrew ended with, I think 7, including one that was a little over 25".   Those are huge pickerel, so we were pretty pumped.

Friday I decided to try out a new lure, that being a turtle soft plastic from Bombshell.    Having not used them before I wasn't sure what to expect, but I they were exactly what I needed.   The pickerel hit time after time for those little turtles, so I kept one rod equipped with them all weekend.

Saturday seen Andrew, Craig, Ipop and myself hit Otnabog lake at Queenstown, NB.   I had been there in previous years and enjoyed amazing pickerel fishing, but on this day, the conditions weren't the same and the fishing was off.   A few of the guys got 6 - 8 fish, I finished with 3 (including a 24" pickerel on a turtle), and one of the guys struck out.   We had hoped for more, but you can't win em all!

Finally today I met a guided fishing client, Ben, back at Nerepis at 6 AM for a morning outing.  Ben had never fished pickerel before, and this was his second time fishing with me in kayak.   Well Ben and I both had a great day landing 15 - 20 each, including several over 20".   We didn't break the 2 foot mark, but there were several pickerel that got away which we think had a good shot at being 24 inches or larger!

All in all it was a great weekend of fishing with a great group of guys.    I'm off next weekend for 2 weeks of camping an kayak fishing through Ontario and Quebec.   Not sure if I'll be able to put any posts up in that time but stay tuned to Facebook for a few updates here and there!

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