Saturday, July 2, 2016

Canada Day Kayaking in PEI

Happy Belated Canada Day!    This weekend, being the long weekend and having both my kids off to Newfoundland to visit with their grandparents, I had to opportunity to head over to Canada's Island province to not only try my hand at fishing there, but also to deliver a brand new Predator 13 kayak to it's new owner!  

Noah had visited me this past Fall to go sturgeon fishing and brought his Hobie on that trip, since then he has decided he wanted to go a different route so he sold his Hobie and joined the Old Town brotherhood!

I got on the road about 5 AM Friday morning, stopping to take a picture or two along the way, and was in PEI and ready to hit the water with Noah by 10 that morning!   For his new kayak's maiden voyage we hit the water in a bay just across from the main downtown area of Charlottetown.    This is an area that Noah fishes often for mackerel though it is currently still a little early in the year, but we figured to give it a try just the same.

There was a ton of boat traffic in the area, clearly a prime recreational waterway, though I suspect much of the island could be considered the same!    Sailboats, jet skis, a few other kayakers, and tour boats were all over the place.

The fishing was slow, but we did catch a few.   Noah and I each landed 3 or 4 mackerel, 1 smelt each, and I also landed a half dozen crabs, being careful to limit them to the bow of my kayak where I could safely nudge them back in the water without having my toes nipped!  

This morning we went back out in another saltwater inlet but the wind picked up soon after we got there and we decided to bail.    The forecast called for ever increasing winds through the day and then very strong winds tomorrow.  So given I wouldn't really be able to get back out in decent weather I called it a day and headed back home to NB.

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