Saturday, October 3, 2015

Stormr Gear for the Fall!

Back in July I had the opportunity to attend ICAST as a promotional representative for Old Town and Ocean Kayak.   While there I had the opportunity to see booths and products from hundreds of companies servicing all aspects of the fishing industry.   One of the most impressive lines of products I had the opportunity to see was from Stormr. Stormr produces a line of neoprene outerwear unlike any you have seen before.

Like other neoprene products you be familiar with, you get the expected windproof and waterproof benefits in addition to significant warmth.    However Stormr offer much higher maneuverability and comfort than other neoprene products as they use a unique thin, soft and flexible shell that you can't find elsewhere.

You really have to see these products to really appreaciate the quality.   Once I viewed them on the showroom floor at ICast I had to talk with the sales reps about what I could do to work with them to promote the products here in Eastern Canada.  

Take a look at the Stormr website and learn about the great features that are built into their products including high stretch, water repellent, positive bouyancy neoprene and the light weight, breathable vapour tech shell.  

Today I recieved a shipment of Stormr products to wear to help promote the brand with in our area.   For all my Fall/Winter kayak fishing needs I have everything I will need to keep my dry and warm, even on rough Atlantic Canadian weather days.

The Stormr Stryker Bibs, jacket and gloves all look amazing and are remarkably lighter than what you may expect. Wearing these great products, I can say they are amazingly comfortable and easy to move around in. Unlike other neoprene products, they do not feel like they weigh me down or restrict my movements at all.   The gloves are going to be ideal for paddling and reaching into icy water to pull out the dozens of sturgeon that will be caught over the next few months!    Finally the beanie neoprene hat will be fantastic for keeping my head and ears warm on those cold November nights!

Keep watch over the next few months as I end up the year fishing several times a week wearing these clothes.  You'll see a lot of pictures posted where they are keeping me warm, dry and comfortable!

Stormr is carried by Cabela's, BassPro and online though Amazon.   Hopefully with BassPro opening this coming Wednesday, you'll be able to find this great gear at a Grand Opening special price!

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