Monday, September 28, 2015

A Weekend of Memories

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take three groups of people out kayak fishing in sturgeon alley.   From Friday through to Sunday afternoon, it was non-stop action for me from packing up kayaks and gear, prepping the boats on shore before everyone arrived, fishing for several hours at a time, and then packing it all back up again after each trip.   A lot of work goes into guided fishing beyond the time spent on the water!

This was also the first weekend for me to really put my new camera to work.    I'm loving the quality of these shots!

First up there was a family of 4 including a Grandfather, Dad, and two boys (12 and 6) who came out for an afternoon/evening fish.   Young Liam at 6 years old sat on a footstool behind his Dad on the Old Town Predator 13 and had a wonderful time.  Liam caught his first ever fish (three white perch) and was delighted with the experience!   Unfortunately, outside of the several white perch and eel that Liam and his Dad caught few other fish were found that evening.   I did manage to catch a small sturgeon just before we headed back to shore, so at least the boys got to see and touch a dino!

Next up on Saturday were a couple of experienced kayak anglers both looking to land their first sturgeon.   Nothing but a sturgeon would do here, so the pressure was on!   While the weather was fantastic with lots of sun and just a small chilly Fall breeze, the fishing was very slow.   In the end however it was a successful day as both Shane and Noah hooked into and landed their first sturgeon!    Both guys were extremely excited, especially Noah as his sturgeon (about 3 feet long) crushed his previous biggest fish by at least a foot!

Finally on Sunday I accompanied two brothers, one visiting from Alberta out for a try for their first sturgeon.   Jake had been out with me before with his nephew John (10 years old) who had caught 3 small sturgeon back in the summer.   This time Jake and John's Dad Adan wanted in on the action!   Fortunately, despite strong winds and current, we had better luck!   Both guys caught a sturgeon with Adam getting two! 

Thank you to all the guys who allowed me the opportunity to help make these great memories of the weekend!   The fishing is only going to get better, and the fish bigger as the Fall carries on!   If you or anyone you know would like to get out and enjoy a little adventure like this, be sure to let me know!

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