Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Goodbye to Summer

We are officially into Fall now, and with that comes the best sturgeon and striper fishing of the year on the Kennebecasis River.    From what I see first hand, and hear from others things are still a bit slow at the moment but should be picking up any day.    The few sturgeon that are getting caught are a good size on average with myself landing another 40+ inch fish this past Friday night.

My guided fishing service seems to be picking up steam thanks in large part to word of mouth.    A big thank you to anyone who's helped to promote this unique oppotunity to others to may have an interest.    I'll be out with groups Friday evening, all day Saturday and again on Sunday!   This past weekend I had a gentleman out who hadn't been fishing in 35 years.    After out outing where he caught 1 sturgeon and several white perch, he told me he was planning to order a kayak in the next week or so and has already joined our local social group "Greater Saint John Kayak Anglers"! 

If I don't get bookings for next weekend I plan to do night fishing both Friday and Saturday nights.   Sitting in kayak out under the stars at midnight on the river is about the peaceful and enjoyable experience one could have in these parts!

I did recieve a new toy yesterday in the mail.    A new camera I plan to use to take higher quality pictures for guided fishing clients.   The Nikon 1 AW1 waterproof mirrorless camera, with both a close range and distance lens (30 - 100mm) lens should really help capture fantastic shots and memories!   I'll be getting out with a friend tonght for a short fish and will get to try it out then!

Finally, my side hobby of writing articles beyond this blog is continuing to go well.    I've had seven articles published now in our local community magazine.  As well, I've had a few articles in the online publication of Kayak Angler Magazine, and finally I've just had an article accepted for the upcoming October issue of The Fisherman's Journal!   Formal writing had never been an ambition of mine but now that I've had a taste, I hope to continue with it over time to promote New Brunswick and the sport of Kayak Fishing.

Stay tuned for updates, pictures and videos featuring lots and lots of sturgeon in the next 2 months, and hopefully a striper or two as well!

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