Sunday, October 25, 2015

Late October Sturgeon Update

September is typically known as the first month in which sturgeon fishing gets started while October is generally viewed as hot, however this year it seems that good sturgeon fishing has been delayed.    For weeks now I've expected to experience and hear tales of people having great times catching lots of big dinos out on the Kennebecasis but with a few exceptions, it hasn't been happening.

Local kayak angler Chris Hardt with a big one!

Not until this weekend that is!    The unseasonably high water levels has finally started to drop off and with that the numbers of sturgeon in the traditional area of 'sturgeon alley' finally seem to be picking up.   Not just in number but also in size!

On Saturday I took a couple of guys out to fish sturgeon, and met a few other local kayak anglers who had already arrived.   Add in a few guys in a scanoe and a few more other boats and there was as much traffic around the mouth of the Hammond as I had seen all Fall!   While I can't speak for the boats or the scanoe, most of us in kayak did quite well through the day landing somewhere around 20 sturgeon with about half of them being in the 40 inch range or higher!

47 inches, second biggest on the day for me!
 With the Fall colors on the trees being as bright as they likely will get, the sun beating down and a few eagles flying overhead, you really couldn't have asked for a better day on the water than Saturday.   Enjoy the pictures I have here and hopefully next weekend I'll have another album full of great pictures like this for you to enjoy!

Enjoy this slideshow of pictures. If the slideshow doesn't work because you don't have Flash on your phone then click here to check them out!

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