Monday, August 17, 2015

Sturgeon Season is coming!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking a couple guys out to Sturgeon Alley for a day of guided kayak fishing.   Rowan joined us once again as he never gives up a chance to catch some fish with his dad!   Well, 10 year old John, visiting family from Alberta wanted to catch his first New Brunswick Sturgeon and wasn't able to last weekend.   However he wasn't about to be denied yesterday!

John caught 3 sturgeon through the day!   None were big but they were sturgeon just the same and he did a fantastic job landing them on his own!    Neither the current (which got to be quite strong), nor the sharp scutes were going to prevent this young man from landing those fish on his own!

Jake, his uncle landed a smallmouth bass, some yellow and white perch.    Rowan caught the only eel on the the day to go with yellow and white perch, while I caught 2 sturgeon and some perch.    All in all it was a great day!

John also had the biggest catch of the day, and most entertaining one.    Thinking he had on a very big sturgeon, the line held stationary.   Obviously it must be stuck on bottom I thought.   "It's a fish, I can feel it swim!", John declared.     Well eventually he was able to reel up the catch... a very long and heavy piece of board, plus a yellow perch on a second hook!

My biggest of 2 sturgeon on the day turned out to be 41 inches, a nice fish which I'd love to catch again next week at the derby.   It would have a great shot at winning the lunker award!

While this isn't exactly sturgeon season, there are some out there.   If you want to get out to catch one of these dinosaurs, check out my guided fishing service and contact me soon.    Several dates have already been booked!  

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