Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Recapping the Hammond River Classic

This past weekend I ran the second of two sister derbys that I am the sole organizer for here in New Brunswick - the Hammond River Classic.   Together with the Eco-Logicial Adventures NB Paddler's Derby (held in June) they are the only two derbies of their kind in all of Eastern Canada.   

These events are intended to foster growth in canoe and kayak fishing, encouraging experienced anglers and novices alike to come and spend a day on the water together in a stress free, not very competitive setting.  Parents are encouraged to bring their kids, and everyone is expected to socialize and help each other out on the water.

Anglers are tasked with catching the widest variety of fish they can, measuring only their longest for any tie breakers.   During this weekend's event one angler (Sathe) caught 7 different species, while 4 others landed 6.  Between everyone 10 different species were landed during the day, showing just how diverse our river systems are!

Prizes were gathered through the year from many wonderful and generous sponsor companies, and I laid out all donations across several tables.   The first place finisher was given an opportunity to pick one big prize, plus somethign from a table of smaller items, then second, and so on.   By not front loading the prizes we were able to give everyone a chance to pick a prize worth at least as much as the price of admission!   A huge thank you once again to all sponsors for making this possible!

After the prizes were all awarded, we gave out tickets to all participants, even the kids, and randomly drew a number.   The winner was then presented with the grand prize - an Old Town Predator XL kayak donated by Old Town!    The kayak draw really generated a lot of interest as everyone wanted to win this battleship of a boat.    Congratulations to Bob on winning the Predator!

Bob spent the day in canoe with his Grandson and was swamped by an ignorant motorboat driver near the end of the day.   He lost a GoPro, a Fish Finder and other items but having won the kayak, he still went home with a big smile!

We had 57 anglers on the water for this event Saturday, a huge growth from 36 last year and 18 the year before!    These numbers really show the growing popularity of our sport in this region!     Just over $1100  was raised for the Hammond River Angling Association which I believe may be directed into the purchase of a couple of new youth fishing kayaks for their summer camps!    What a great cause!

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