Friday, June 23, 2017

The End is Near!

Well this is a difficult post to make.   Unfortunately, come the end of July, my time fishing in New Brunswick will have come to an end.  Over the past several weeks I have been in conversations with one of the biggest and best companies in the world, Amazon and have been recently offered a position as a Software Development Engineer with them based out of Detroit, MI.    This opportunity is one that for me professionally, I cannot pass up, though it was a difficult decision for my family.

So sometime in August I will be moving with my family to the Windsor, Ontario area.   I will of course bring kayaks along for all of us, but I probably will not be active in the promotion of the sport of kayak fishing in that area until I am settled into a new home and into a regular routine with my new job.   Hopefully this Fall I will be able to show off the Old Town Predator PDL to folk fishing the Great Lakes and the Detroit River but I certianly will not be offering guided fishing services of spearheading the growth of our sport to the level I have been in the past few years.

I have to thank everyone who has been attentive of this blog for the past few years, and helped it grow in popularity.   I had never anticipated breaking 5000 views when I started, let alone 140,000!   If I do decide to maintain the blog in the future, I may need to rename it to something more appropriate to where I move, or perhaps something like!  

Kayak fishing has blossomed in New Brunswick the past several years, and it has been wonderful to watch.  I have made a lot of close friends thanks to this sport and the community of anglers here is strong, close knit and more like a family than I could have anticipated.   It has been wonderful being part of it, and I certianly hope I am able to join a similar community of anglers when I get settled in Ontario.

Thank you to all the great locally owned retailers in NB as well who have supported myself and the community through fishing derbies and such.   Marc Doiron (Doiron's Sports Excellence), Jeremy Cline (Outdoors NB), Paul Wright (Ecological NB) in particular are great people to deal with and I encourage everyone around to continue to support them!  

Tight lines folks!   I hope you all catch the big one next time out!

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