Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fishing in Windsor, Ontario

Joe with a nice Drum

This past weekend I made a trip to central Canada where I spent a day in the downtown Detroit area followed by a weekend of fishing with a fellow kayak angler.   One of the great things about social media and the sport of kayak fishing is that you get to meet, at least virtually, a lot of outstanding people, not just across the country but in some cases across the world!   In this case, Joe Lafontaine, a very accomplished and well known kayak angler in the city of Windsor, offered his hospitality to me for the weekend.   It was very much appreciated, and I had a wonderful weekend thanks to Joe.

A view of Detroit under the Ambassador Bridge
Windsor is located between two of the Great Lakes, Lake St. Clair to the North, and Lake Eerie to the South.    Along the edge of town is the Detroit River connecting the two lakes and separating Canada from the U.S.   Over the weekend we took a couple trips out on the river where I was able to catch three new species, Walleye, Drum and White Bass (or silvers as they are commonly called there).   I also caught a rock bass and a small yellow perch.

My first drum
We got out fishing two times, once on Friday afternoon/evening, and then again early Saturday morning till mid-day when the wind picked up. 

My first walleye
By the end of the second trip I had landed around 8 walleye, 10 white bass, 2 drum and a single rock bass and yellow perch.  Also in the area are muskie, gar, carp, and muskie.  I'm sure other species as well are caught there in the river.

White bass, very much like a light colored small striper
We also met another local angler, Dan, in his souped up Trident kayak.    Dan had a great set up with a trolling motor, rudder, lights and more rigged up on his kayak.

I was disappointed to miss a local kayak derby that weekend but I did make the best of it, met some great folk and got to experience Ontario fishing.   All in all it was a great weekend!