Sunday, November 20, 2016

Taking the kids out in search of sturgeon

Fynn's first attempt at landing a sturgeon... the anchor doesn't help!
Here we are getting into the latter part of November and we have a Sunday with temperatures at or above 10 degrees Celsius, and next to no winds.  Those are unheard of conditions around here for this time of the year!   How could I not take advantage of a free day like this to get the kids out to try for their first sturgeon of the Fall!

Normally I am booked up for guided fishing, meaning I don't get time to get the boys on the water, but today I'm free from any guided obligations.   So we packed up the Tetra 10 for Rowan, the brand new Trident 11 for Fynn, and the Predator PDL for myself and hit the road!   The Tetra 10 and Trident 11 are amazing kayaks for both kids and smaller build adults.   They offer plenty of stability and storage, and yet are very light and quite fast for anyone with a decent stroke.

Having not been in the kaayk in quite a while and having to paddle into the current, both boys struggled a little but made it from our launch to the fishing hole.   Once they dropped their anchors, it was time to start fishing.  

I caught a small sturgeon almost immediately, so that was a good sign, but then there was nothing else for a while outside of tommy cod.   I caught a couple of those, then Fynn caught a few and finally Rowan brought one in which made his day.

Eventually I landed a nice size sturgeon, a little over three feet in length.   Figuring we may not have a lot of time left in us, I brought it over for Rowan to hold on to, and then I brought it over to Fynn.   Each boy enjoyed getting a few pictures with it.

Soon ready to go, we gave it another shot and then I hooked into my third on the day.   Being close to Fynn, we maneuvered the kayaks around so that we could exchange rods, allowing Fynn to try to land a sturgeon on his own for the first time.

The sturgeon managed to get caught around Fynn's anchor line, which made the task a lot harder for him, but he was determined and sure enough, after a few tried, was able to lift the fish onto his lap.   Unfortunately, while I was trying to untangle the mess, he let it go before I was able to get a nice shot of him holding it up!

Next time out hopefully Rowan will get his chance to try to reel one in!

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