Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Need the perfect Christmas Gift?

So with the Holiday season around the corner I am sure many people are like myself and starting to thing about what to get friends and family for Christmas.   For those of you in the Greater Saint John area the best value for the dollar has to be a guided kayak fishing adventure from yours truly!

Just think, for only $100 you are able to give someone all of this!
  • A 4 hour rental of a top of the line fishing kayak from Old Town or Ocean Kayak.
  • Rental of all fishing equipment that is needed for the outing including rod, tackle, bait, net,...etc.
  • A fishing guide who will be there to offer advice, point out the key fishing spots, tend to any tangles, replace any equipment that may get broken through the day,...etc.
  • Delivery and set up of all equipment to the fishing location, as well as clean up of of everything after.
  • Quality pictures to remember the adventure
  • An option for GoPro video

That is a value that simply cannot be beat!  For just $75 more, make it a full 8 hour outing!  

Just going through my blog or Facebook page will show you lots of pictures of people with great fish, especially sturgeon.   But kayak fishing can be so much more than just hunting for that 4 foot dinosaur.

Adventures can focus on fishing for a particular species, or simply be a relaxed paddle and light fish along some of the amazing rivers, ponds or even ocean that we have in our area.    The day will be want you want to make of it!   Nothing else you can give will combine the peace and serenity of sitting back in a very comfortable kayak witnessing some of the best that Mother Nature has to offer with the excitement and adventure of hooking into fish, possibly one even older than you (sturgeon can be over 60 years!) on a kayak.

Certificates can be used for any type of fishing outing that is offered throughout the year, I just ask that the recipient contact me well in advance to discuss what type of outing they are most interested in so that we can mark our calendars accordingly.

If you know of a group of friends who would enjoy such an outing, I can accommodate up to 5 people, both children and adults!

If you know a parent of a young child between the ages of 4 and 8, a parent/child outing is also available.   Depending on the size and abilities of the child he/she may sit behind the parent and fish together, or be in their own, smaller fishing kayak.   As a guide I will give close one on one assistance to the child (and parent!), baiting hooks, dealing with tangles, and of course capturing the great memories such as the child's first fish on camera.

These outings last as long as the child is able to go, up to 4 hours and costs just $125.

To purchase a gift certificate, contact me, Joe Tilley, at 506-650-0395 or e-mail to

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