Sunday, October 2, 2016

Early October Sturgeon Fishing Report

46", biggest so far this Fall
We are into October now, which is the month the sturgeon bite really takes off.   I was out yesterday with a group of three hoping to all catch their first sturgeon, and met ten other kayak anglers out on the water.    Add in three or four groups in boats and there were a lot of us there fishing for sturgeon on what turned out to be an absolutely beautiful Fall day.

We did see several sturgeon jump though the day, including one right in front of a few of us that cleared the water by about three feet.    It was the biggest jump I've seen a sturgeon do so far and was a pretty cool sight to behold.

First ever sturgeon!
The fishing however was on the slow side still.   Most people out there were unable to hook into or land a sturgeon.   I happened to have a lucky horseshoe tucked firmly up my nether regions (according to fellow angler Chris) and landed 8 through the day including three that broke the 40" mark.   The rest of the group landed somewhere around 6 or 7 sturgeon in total.   Bring the total up to around 15 on the day.

Local kayak angler Steve with his first on the day
No worries though, for anyone wanting to catch a sturgeon, the fishing isn't "hot" till mid to late October and stays hot through November.

On the lighter side, one of the guys that came out yesterday managed to catch his biggest ever catch, an old patio umbrella, making it the second week in a row one of the guys I've brought out have caught this discarded lawn furniture!

While the fishing was slow, the weather was impeccable yesterday with barely a breath of wind a lots of sun beating down.   It was so nice, that one of the guys actually fell asleep for 45 min in the Ocean Kayak Big Game II kayak.    I thought it was just being quiet at the time!


  1. Do you guys use inflatable kayaks? I'm looking at purchasing one for fishing from

    1. Have never tried an inflatable. I cannot imagine they would be anywhere near as secure and stable, not to mention customizable as a high end fishing kayak like the Old Town Predator series. On the bright side they would be a lot lighter, but that isn't a trade off I'd be willing to make.

  2. Thank you for your post, I had fun reading it. I have learn something new, but I never tried fishing in kayak before, I would love to try it though any tips on it?

    1. Hi Marcus,

      To get the best experience you want to think safety first. Nothing can ruin an outing quicker than an unfortunately accident! Be sure to wear a PFD, make sure people know where you are going, and choose a time and place that matches the abilities of your kayak. By that I mean do not take a Box Store brand kayak out in windy or rough conditions or onto the salt water, but keep it in smaller, calmer waters where it is intended to be used. If you have access to a more capable kayak, then it opens more doors for where you may go fishing.

      Choose a spot that is a little out of the way, but not difficult to get to or difficult to launch from, and somewhere which has fish you are familiar with. Plan for a short, easy trip the first time, with the expectation that you will learn both what you did right and what you may have overlooked. Bring a camera, and remember, it is more about getting out there than it is about catching a fish!

      .... or find a guide like myself and let the guide introduce you first hand to the sport! :-)