Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I'll be easy to spot now!

Last year I had the pleasure to take out a fishing enthusiast from Fredericton out to fish for sturgeon for the first time. While he not only had a great time catching sturgeon, but he was able to bring in some of the biggest sturgeon of the season as well!   Well having enjoyed the outing tremendously, Nathan who works as a graphic technician at Sign FX - a promotional materials company, suggested that he could give my Jeep a more professional look to better promote the guided fishing business.

Though the summer we worked together to come up with a design, select some pictures and such, and this weekend the magic happened.   In between a few full days of fishing, where once again Nathan caught the biggest fish on the day (both days!), he was able to spend a few hours on the Jeep installing the graphics.   The end result is really much better than I had hoped for!

Now, when you see me around town, there will be no mistaking me!   I opted to put a picture of each of my boys on a side window to promote the sport to the younger generation.   Then I selected two pictures showing sturgeon and one of pickerel, which are two of the more popular fish I offer guided outings for.    On each side of the Jeep we put in the name of my blog, a note about guided kayak fishing, and a phone number so that either online or by phone, the contact info is available.

The say that appearance is the top factor in people's perception of you, so this new look on the Jeep should hopefully factor well when it comes to the first impression folk have not just on my service, but on this wonderful sport as well.

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