Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New on the market: Berkley's Fusion 19 Hooks

Any experienced fisherman will tell you one of the most critical factors in having a successful outing on the water is the quality of your hooks.   Losing a trophy fish because a hook didn't set properly, bent or broke off is an experience we have all had.   To give yourself the best chance of avoiding heartache, you want the strongest, sharpest hooks you can get your hands on.

Berkley introduced their series of bass fishing hooks at ICast in 2015 (which I attended!).   After examining many of the best hooks on the market, they came up with an improvement over other brands through the introduction of their own 'SLICKSET' coating.  Combined with high carbon steel the SLICKSET coating greatly increases the durability of their extremely sharp hooks over other brands so they they stand up much longer in the toughest of fishing conditions.

The Fusion series currently offers 9 hooks for all of the most common bass fishing techniques.  There are drop shot hooks, swimbait hooks and even weedless wacky rig hooks.    I love using the weedless wacky hooks for my kids as they are able to use them with worm and throw them into weeds, often catching perch, sunfish and pickerel without any assistance from me to de-weed their lines.    The swimbait hooks come standard with spirals to keep your soft plastics in place..   All Fusion 19 hooks come in re-sealable packages and come with guides helping anglers choose the best presentation options for their lures.

These hooks are ideal for many of the fish we have in our area.   Pickerel, smallmouth are obvious fish to target.    I plan to try out the heavy cover hooks which range in size from 6/0 to 3/0 while sturgeon fishing as they will have plenty of backbone for fighting those 4 foot dinos!

To get your Berkley Fusion 19 hooks in the Greater Saint John area, visit Doirons Sports Excellence!   Doiron's have these and a ton of other great tackle options from Berkley in stock now!

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