Sunday, February 28, 2016

February Kayak Fishing!

I've never seen this before; beautiful weather and open water in February here in New Brunswick!   Last year at this time you could have safely walked across sturgeon alley, or even driven across in snowmobiles, but this year the alley is wide open.    There were a few small blocks of ice slowly floating by, and the entrance to the Hammond was iced over, but the stretch of the Kennebacasis from Perry Point all the way up past the Hammond River was free and clear today.  

So with my honey-do list for the weekend complete, I packed up the Predator 13 and went out for a few short hours to try my luck with one of the other sturgeon fishing addicts in our local kayak fishing group.

It did not take long before we found a fish!    Only a few minutes after dropping anchor I hooked into and landed the first kayak fish of the year, a nice 41 inch sturgeon!    After snapping a picture for Kayak Wars, the first was released and I was off in search of another.    It took a while and several spots before I got my next hit, but then the action came much quicker!

I ended the day after catching 7, with 4 of them breaking the three foot mark.   My biggest was a very long and lean (guessing male) sturgeon coming in at a nice 47 inches.    The fish of the day however, and thus far, fish of the year goes to Tran who came out with me today. Tran, who is a relative newcomer to sturgeon fishing has landed some fantastic catches. This one may be his biggest yet!

Here is a little video I put together.    I assumed when I headed out that my GoPro's were full of juice, but they were a little low, so I didn't get a whole lot of video on the day, but I did get to play around with using 2 camera angles for the one fish.   I'll get better at video editing as I get a little more practice.


  1. Great post !Just got back from a magic weekend away with my brother,Henry and Dave B.
    Managed a Spanish at 1.090m and a Spottie at 0.820mm.
    Caught both on live bait.
    Awesome company. Some great fishing and good waves.

  2. Great video.
    I am a newbie on kayak fishing and I'm looking for a kayak for fishing. Do I have to have a fishing kayak or can I use a normal kayak for fishing?

    1. Hey there,

      Great question and not one that can easily be answers as yes or no. It all really depends on where you fish, what you are fishing for, and what you want to bring with you.

      A regular recreational sit inside kayak can certainly be fine for recreational fishing for trout, perch or other 'easier' to catch fish. If you equip the kayak with a rod holder and a way to mount an anchoring system you would have all the basic you need for a relatively simple outing.

      However if you want to bring 3, 4 or more rods, tackle for a variety of fish, have the ability to fish in more challenging circumstances (faster rivers, windy conditions, salt water,..etc) or want to catch bigger and stronger fish, a fishing kayak may be a safer option.

      Fishing kayaks offer better stability, sometimes the opportunity to stand and fish, sometimes more comfortable (and adjustable) seats, built in rod holders, ample space to store tackle, more room to move around in the kayak...etc. Basically they are built with the needs of a fisherman in mind.

      Recreational kayaks are built to basically get out on the water and explore but not really do much more other than paddle from within the kayak, so you are a little more limited as to what you can do from a fishing perspective.

      My first kayak, from which I've caught my biggest ever sturgeon was a recreational sit inside kayak. But that being said, I almost got into a situation in this kayak where I may have been killed after hooking into a striper next to reversing falls at midnight in thick fog. Basically I overstepped my bounds in this kayak and could have paid the price.

      So basically, have fun with whatever kayak you have, but don't try to use it in conditions beyond what the kayak is intended for. If you don't have enough room for the gear you want to carry, or cannot fish the locations or conditions you would like, then look to a fishing kayak that meets those needs.

      I hope this helps!

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  4. Beautiful weather should be enjoyed outdoors. It is good that it is just right for the activities you want to enjoy, such as kayak fishing. Even though the entrance was iced over, you still have the rest of the water which is fairly free of ice. That first sturgeon that you caught was nice and big. The fish of the day seems like half the size of the kayak.