Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! It is Christmas Day morning and around our household the two boys (ages 7 & 4) are in the midst of enjoying their presents! Fynn is down playing his new Skylanders game, while Rowan is up in the bath with his new pirate ship. With both boys distracted, Anna and I finally have a little while to catch our breaths. The turkey, a local free range bird, is fresh out of the brine and onto the Big Green Egg smoking for 8 – 10 hours before the feast tonight, so now all that is left is to clean up the mounds of wrapping paper and boxes, and keep the kids entertained!

This year, Santa spent most of his energy focused on the boys, as you can imagine, but I still managed to come away with some great fishing related gifts. First and foremost I now have 2 new Denali Rosewood Extra Heavy Rods. These are my first Extra Heavy rods, but you’d never say it by looking at them. Weighing in at a mere 205g, these rods are ridiculously light, yet extremely strong. One is rated for lures up to 3.5oz, I can’t wait to get out and cast some big baits with it in hopes of catching a nice striper or perhaps even my fist musky this year!

To go along with the rods, Santa brought me a few new Rod Gloves to keep them protected, which is an absolute most for any high end rod like this!

For tackle, I received a nice variety pack of Owner Hooks products. Mackerel rigs, big salt water hooks, small bass hooks, twist lock hooks, frog hooks (for my sturgeon rigs), and much more was in this pack. With something like 20 packs of various hooks, I’m all set now for most of the year with Owner Hooks!

Along with the rods and hooks, Santa brought me a few cool fishing gadgets I’m anxious to try out. First I received the RigRap 12 pack combo box. I’ve seen and heard great things about the RigRap and can’t wait to see how they work in managing my sturgeon rigs, which I currently use a piece of pool noodle to manage. Also, I received some hook-eze units. Looking at the video of this little tool, I think it could help really speed up the process of tying on hooks to the leader. I figure connecting one of these to my PFD, and perhaps another to my Scotty Bait Board, where they would be out of the way, yet within easy reach at all times.

To help me look good out on the water (as if that ever mattered!), Santa brought me a couple of new pairs of SeaSpecs. One in yellow, the other in white. I have worn SeaSpecs for the past year and have to say they really are fantastic for a kayaker. The strap is great to keep them snug on your nose, so you never have to adjust them on your face, and should you ever need to take them off, they float. Also, with the air holes in the frame, there is plenty of air circulation behind the lenses, so they hardly ever fog up like other glasses I’ve worn.

Finally, Santa brought me a new Cabela’s rain jacket. My Fishbum rain jacket will be my main rain jacket of course, but this one is a little larger allowing for more layers of warmth on colder days, and it packs down really small. It’s a great backup rain jacket that I’ll be sure to get use out of this year.

Oh, I’m not the only one in the family to get some fishing gear. Rowan was very excited to open up one gift, a Fishbum kayak fishing jersey with his name on it! Matching the kayak fishing jerseys the Greater Saint John Kayak anglers ordered this year, Rowan now is part of the team!

Unfortunately, even this smallest size available, is still much too large for him, but Rowan will be able to grow into it over the next few years and by the time it fits properly, will likely be a better fisherman than his Dad!

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