Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Fantastic Opportunity to Contribute!

As many of you know, I have been very fortunate and grateful for the opportunity over the past year to promote some fantastic companies in the fishing industry.    Anyone who goes out in kayak with me has likely have heard me proclaim how light, strong and sensitive my Denali Rods are, or how I only use Owner Hooks for my rigs when fishing sturgeon, and of course have seen me trolling my Vexilar Sonarphone alongside my Old Town Predator Kayak.  

While I don't know just how my personal success fishing with these and other great products have translated into good publicity for those companies, but I am thankful for the opportunity and look forward to continuing this work in 2015.

Well this past week I received a call from Old Town and was told that due to my efforts over the past year, I have been 'promoted' to the Johnson Outdoor Watercraft Pro-Staff Elite Council This is a very select group of world class kayak fishermen and in many ways celebrities of the sport!   It is absolutely a great honor for me to be invited into this ‘inner circle’.

You’ve heard the expression ‘like a kid at Christmas’… yep, that’s me!

As part of this group, I will be participating in regular conference calls where improvements or innovations to the various products will be discussed, feedback that we receive from our local fishing communities will be heard, and ideas offered on anything from products to events and anything in between.   

So if you are a kayak angler, and you have thoughts or ideas or even complaints on any of the Old Town or Ocean Kayak fishing kayaks, please let me know.    Do you prefer a different kayak over the Old Town or Ocean kayak line, let me know why and how these companies can adapt to better meet your needs!  

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