Saturday, September 13, 2014

Another PB! 38" Striper landed in the kayak!

 Two personal bests this week!    Last night I took my Old Town Predator 13 out to sturgeon alley in hopes of hitting a few nice sturgeon.   The forecast was calling for clear skies, no wind and a brilliant display of the Northen Lights so what better time to do an overnight fish!   I hit the water at about 6:30 in the afternoon ready for several hours of fun!

Unfortunately there are rather big hills overlooking the river at sturgeon alley so I was unable to take in any of the light show.   The fishing was rather slow for the first several hours as well save for many small eels!    The largest eel was about 17 - 18 inches, but most were babies at 10 - 15 inches.    Definately not worth the hassle of catching!   

Eventually, after moving to a few spots to try and avoid the eels I did manage to hook and catch an Atlantic Strurgeon.   It was small, about 23 inches, so I didn't bother with a picture and let him go as quick as I could.  I had bigger fish to catch!

Finally about 10:30 I got a good bite.    Almost immeadiately there was a huge spash in the darkness and I got a glimpse of a fish going back into the river.    My first thoughts at this was striper!    After a 2 -3 minute fight, I got the fish to the surface and found it was a nice 34 inch shortnose sturgeon.   Finally, a fish worth making the trip out for!

With renewed optimism I keep fishing, eventually moving down with the current 20 feet and trying again.   A half hour or so in this place and nothing so I brought in my first line, then went to reel in my second line and BANG!    Fish On!!!!     It was immediately apparent this wasn't a regular 3 foot sturgeon... this was a monster!    He went one way, and turned me completely around.   Then he want the other way, and again turned me completely around.    My Denali Rod (Mark Taylor Signature Series) was a complete U and my reel was giving out line.... this was what I had been waiting for!   

Eventually I spotted the fish at the surface and seen that it was a striped bass, not a monster sturgeon!    And not a small striped bass either!   It took 12 - 15 min to finally get the fish subdued and into my net.    I hadn't realized just how heavy 25 - 30 lbs of striper is in a net till last night!

My only regret is that my Scotty GoPro camera mount broke last week and I don't have the new one ordered in yet.  Otherwise I'd have placed it up behind me and gotten some 'fuzzy' video of the experience.    I guess a few pictures will have to suffice.