Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mackerel, Whales, and Dolphins in the Bay of Fundy

Yesterday I was invited out by a friend to try out shark fishing in the Bay of Fundy.    While we didn't have any success luring Jaws to our boat, we did have a great time fishing for mackerel, and we got to see some fantastic wildlife during the day.

Leaving from the St. George area we travelled out to Campobello Island, my first time in those waters.   It was a beautiful clear day with no wind nor waves to speak of.    A lot of other boats were on the waters, including a huge yatch, whale watching tours and other fishermen.

We started off around the Campobello area and had the good fortune of finding mackerel almost immeadiately.   I had a 3 oz cod jig for weight on the bottom of my Sabiki rig from Owner Hooks and it worked great.    As soon as my weight hit the floor, I tested, felt resistance and pulled up 4 and 5 mackerel at a time!

Apparently they are late arriving this year, but over the next few weeks the mackerel should start showing up in more and more places around the Bay of Fundy.    After finishing our mackerel fishing, we went around and tried fishing for more impressive fish in a few other spots, but struck out.   The only thing caught was a crab who paid us a short visit and went back in the water.

We did however see lots of seals, a huge whale (see if you can spot him in the video), and a school of porpoises decided to play around and even under us for a while!    That was very neat! 

I hope to get a chance over the next month to pay this area another visit, and do some fishing... only next time in my kayak!