Friday, August 22, 2014

10,000 view milestone! Time for a contest!

Wow, I never would have anticipated 10,000 page views in a year when I first started this blog.   Either the site somehow got mixed up with a porn site on google searches, or I must be doing something right!   To celebrate, I'm going to do a little giveaway.

As I don't want to create a Facebook site to coincide with the blog, I'm going put a comment section on this particular post.    If you want to be entered for the contest, simply fill out the form below.   It isn't quite as straightfoward as a like/comment/share Facebook contest, but to be honest, I get annoyed by all the things people share on Facebook just to get a 1 in 1000 chance of winning something like a hat.    It may be great advertising for the companies, but it's an annoyance to most of the general public... at least in my humble opinion.

That being said, if you feel this blog, or even this contest is share-worthy, than please do so, but it is certianly not a requirement of the contest!

So for the contest itself, I'm going to put together a package of one of my own custom made sturgeon rigs, plus some items that I've picked up from some of the great companies that have sponsored me this last year.   As it stands now the prize package will be:

- Sturgeon rig (slider swivel, weight, snap swivel, leader, 2 Owner Hooks)
- 1 Lymans Lure
- 1 Pack of InvisaSwivels
- 1 Pack of Knot-2-Kinky titanium leader
- 2 Sharktooth

Hows that for a nice little variety pack?    To enter, just fill out the form below!

I will draw a winner at random next Friday morning.   Good Luck!