Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Associations for 2014!

Well it looks like I'll be starting 2014 out on solid footing with 2 great companies welcoming into their fold as an angler representing their group and products. As part of these fine groups of anglers I hope to both grow as a fisherman, and to help contribute to their organizations with my own experiences, reviews, photos and publishings.

Bass Gear Online offers some shirts, sweaters and hats along with some great gear including lures from Anglers Choice, Rods from Denali, a great product to protect your rods from 'The Rod Glove' and sunglasses from Numa Optics. I really look forward to trying out some of the items here this year! I already have a Rod Glove and have to say it's a great product to not only protect the rod, but to help eliminate tangles when transporting rods.

The second group that has welecomed me into their fold is the Adventure on the Water group. This opportunity came by way of an e-mail I sent to Old Town. Both my kayak and canoe are Old Town models and both have been fantastic angling boats this past year and will be for many years to come. Old Town is one of several great brands geared towards Kayak Fishing that are part of the Adventure on the Water group put together by Johnson Outdoors Watercraft Inc.

I look forward to representing these groups in 2014 both in my daily angling activities and when I take part in the numerous tournaments around New Brunswick. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute a little something to the prize pool in some of the tournaments by way of these groups and give back as best I can to the angling community!

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