Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Pretty good blooper

So this past weekend, the day after the Catch 'n Kayak striped bass derby in Bathurst I got out for a quick fish with IPop and Noah.   It was a beautiful morning, and we each caught a few fish, all was going great.  

Now when I'm in the Old Town Predator PDL, I like to troll by sticking my rod handle behind my butt on the seat, and then peddling.   If I were to use they rod holders that I have, the handle of the rod would impede my peddling.   Trolling this way is comfortable, allows me to to keep a hand free (thought I usually rest it on the rod), and react quickly if a fish were to strike.  

This is how I troll, one hand on the rod, with it sticking out from my chair.

So Noah found a school of stripers and called me over to snap a picture.   So I trolled over, as described above and went ahead and snapped a few pictures.   No problems right?

Then I forgot all about the rod I had stuck out from behind me, and I proceeded to lean forward for something.... out falls the rod!    By the time I realized, it was too late, off it went into some pretty strong current in 22 feet of water.

Noah was quick to react though.    He dropped his grappling anchor down and was able to hook the line!   Then he proceeded to pull the line and then the rod back up!   Way to go Noah!   Turns out Noah had his video camera going the whole time!    Too bad there was no sound!

My lesson?   I need to invest in some zooka tubes, just like Noah has mounted there on his kayak!


  1. Hi Joe, hope you are doing fine! Watched the video, it was little bit scary! Missed the sound!

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