Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ready to get back on the water!

We are now into the beginning of March and it has been a mild Winter.   Although today is pretty cold, the forecast calls for another string of mild days with not a lot of precipitation, so it is certianly possible that we could be out fishing this year before the end of the month!

Last year I found that many of the larger fish for the year were landed in the Spring.   My biggest of 2016 was a 50"er caught in April, and there were several other 48"+ fish landed that Spring as well.  Hopefully that trend continues this year!

Now is the time for anyone looking to book a guided fishing trip for Sturgeon this Spring.   Usually it is around a month or so after ice out that the fish move out of their wintering holes and back into the main segments of the Saint John river system.   So we only have about a month or so to enjoy the best sturgeon fishing.

Also, it is this time of year when many people are considering purchasing a fishing kayak for the Summer.   Not all fishing kayaks are created equal and the boat that is deemed to be the best for one person may not be the right choice for someone else.  To best assess what kayak may be best for you, you really want to try it out first.  Folk who come out for a guided fishing trip with me will be able to choose from one of several models, and we can switch part way through.   This will give you a great chance to spend several hours in a couple of models to really discover what features of a fishing kayak may be most important for you, and evaluate if the models we use that day may meet your needs.

The models of fishing kayaks I have available are:

From Old Town:
Predator PDL
Predator 13
Predator MX

From Ocean Kayak:
Big Game 2
Trident 11
Tetra 10

So if you are an angler who would love to experience the joy of catching a dinosaur from a kayak, or if you are in the market for your own fishing kayak, consider booking at trip with me and enjoy some time out on the water this Spring!

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