Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Weekend Sturgeon Fishing

During Easter, we are typically dealing with a mess of snow, slush and ice here in New Brunswick.   The river is still in the midst of trying to thaw out and the only kayak fishing we can do is in our dreams.   However this year, with the mild Winter and early Spring, I was able to get an early start on guided kayak fishing for sturgeon.

On Saturday I hit the water with a pair of friends from Fredericton, then a day off on Easter Sunday, leading to another day on the water with three more friends from Moncton.    Wouldn't you know it, the best weather of the weekend fell on Sunday, but what can you do!

Saturday we got out at a brisk -3 degrees and it eventually warmed up to about +2.   Combined with the wind, it was a pretty chilly day, marked by the continuous freezing up of the top eyelets on our rods.   Normally I wouldn't have stayed out very long, but Nathan and Pat are pretty hardy guys, and the temperatures didn't phase them at all!

On Monday, it was a little warmer, and as the day wore on became downright comfortable as the wind stayed down and the temps got up to about +6.   If the sun broke through it would have been downright balmy!

Overall close to 100 sturgeon were caught between myself and the guys that I took out for their first sturgeon fishing experience.... which is a remarkable number!

Here are a few videos captured from over the weekend of Nathan, Jeff and Cliff.  


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  3. Must be some big ones in that water. Great catch though.

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  4. Great fishing. I love all you videos and i watch it all!

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  7. Thanks for all the videos. It will serves as my guide when i go fishing.

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