Sunday, December 27, 2015

Boxing Day Sturgeon Fishing!

Forget the long lineups at the stores, the best place to be on a sunny and warm boxing day is on the water enjoying some epic sturgeon fishing with friends!   Usually by this time of year, the rivers in Eastern Canada are covered in ice, so it is a rare treat to be able to spend some time over the holiday weekend out enjoying our favorite past time!

Myself and IPop, two real beauties!
The air temperature was a balmy 4 degrees Celsius, with a little breeze helping to keep us cool while the water temperature on my fish finder read a steaming 37.8 degrees F!    With 15 - 20 cm of snow in the forecast for the following day, this was the day to get out and enjoy some great sturgeon fishing before finally packing the kayaks away for the winter.

On the day I landed around 15 sturgeon with my biggest being a nice 49.25 inches.    John (Ipop) landed about 7 while Chris got 10, Jeff got something like 10, and Trong was still catching them when we left.   Knowing Tran he probably beat my 15!

I was able to get some great videos and a few nice pics on the day.   The notable catch was Jeff's tailless sturgeon.  The first such fish anyone I know have ever seen!

I gave IPop a GoPro to use on the day and was able to put together a nice little piece of him.   This may be the only Ipop Kayak Fishing video out there!

Finally here is my video from the day.   The GoPro ran out of power so I wasn't able to capture the big fish on the day, but I got plenty others on there!

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