Saturday, November 21, 2015

Rowan's Sturgeon!

I took Rowan out this morning to see if he could get his first sturgeon into the kayak.   Earlier this year Rowan hooked one and got it to the surface but I lost it as the hook fell out right next to our kayak.   So this time we wanted to amend that!

Several times through the morning Rowan would exclaim, "I got one!" but there was nothing there.   He likely did feel bites but wasn't hooking up.    About an hour into the trip, and after I had already caught 4 myself, Rowan yelled "I got one!  I really, really, really do this time!   It's heavy!".     Sure enough, he finally hooked into a sturgeon all on his own and was in the process of reeling it in!

I made sure to tell him to hold on tight to the rod, as I didn't want to see it go over the side, and set the camera to record.   Then I reached back, just to keep a few fingers on his rod to prevent an accident, and let him do all the work.   Rowan had been practicing the lift-and-reel routine at home, and knew exactly what he needed to do.

Congrats little buddy on getting your first sturgeon into the kayak!

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