Monday, June 15, 2015

Derby this weekend!
Anyone in the Maritime with an interest in kayak or canoe fishing should give serious consideration to coming to Oromocto this weekend.   The Annual NB Paddler's Derby, renamed this year to the Ecological Adventures Paddler's Derby in honor of the tremendous support given by them every year, is on Saturday.

Since volunteering to take over the organizer role for this event as well as the Hammond River Classic in early 2014, I've been fortunate to gather support from a number of fantastic companies in the kayak fishing industry.   As such we many more and much better prizes lined up for this year's event!    Rods, Paddles, accessories, lures, tackle, and more will all be up for prizes this year.   It's a good thing too because already there are 36 people pre-registered for the event, meaning we will very likely bust through the 50 participant mark for the first time ever!

Of course, the big prize, a new fishing kayak, will be given away randomly!    All paid participants will receive a ticket after the regular prizes are given away and we will then randomly draw for the kayak, so regardless of what you may think of your fishing skills, come on out and perhaps walk away with the best prize of the day!

The derby is set up to be non-competitive, fun and welcoming to new anglers, as I was my first time there in 2013.    It is a multi-species catch-photo-release format.   Basically you want to catch as many different types of fish as you can, get their picture, and release the fish.   You only turn in your phone or memory card at the end of the day showing the fish that you caught.     The person with the most species will pick their prize first, then second,...and so forth.

I'll have the prizes set up, as best I can, so that they are as even as I can make them.    I will not distribute the prizes for the top few finishers to receive all the 'good stuff'.   I expect to have at least 20 prizes that are valued at $30 - $200 in value, and then more prizes beyond that all above $15 in value to ensure all participants get a prize.     At least that is my goal.    Every participant will receive an online subscription to Kayak Angler Magazine as well!     That's pretty great for a derby with just a $30 entry fee ($20 for youth, free for young kids with a parent).

Participants are welcome to come on Friday, set up a tent and camp onsite for the night.  It's a great way to meet some other fishermen, share stories and get some tips.   

So if your available this weekend, come on out!     Pre-register on the website if you can, as that will help keep things moving quickly on the morning of the derby.

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