Monday, March 30, 2015

Review of the NB Sportsman Show

This past weekend was the three day NB Sportsman show, held in Moncton. Much thanks to fellow kayak angler Craig Cochrane for coming with me for the weekend and helping out, without Craig I would not have been able to pull this off!

Here is an album with pictures from our booth and from around the entire show. These pictures do not do the event justice as they cover only a small portion of the hundreds of booths at the show, but hopefully they give an idea of some of the great presentations and products that were available to attendees.

In our booth we had both the new Old Town NEXT kayak/canoe hybrid, and the Old Town Predator XL on display. The Predator we have is the one with the utility console, and it will be given away in August at the Hammond River Classic!

Throughout the event we accomplished several things:
  • Introduced the sport of kayak fishing to thousands of people.
  • Promoted our derbies held later in the summer
  • Promoted the heck out of the Old Town Predator XL and NEXT, and I suspect helped to sell numerous boats throughout the weekend.
  • Promoted many of the great products that our various sponsors donated to the events.   Of note the Railblaza C-TUG, Yak Attack BlackPak, Scotty Canoe Clamp, Grappler Anchor, LineCutterz Ring, and SonarPhone all raised more than one eyebrow!   
  • Sold tickets on and gave away Denali Rod, which helped cover some of the costs of the weekend trip.
  • Promoted the sport of sturgeon fishing which is a treasure of a resource in our area.
  • Promoted my own service of guided kayak fishing.   
  • Met with the Pure Fishing team who I look foward to working with throughout the year
  • Met several key players in the fishing industry here in Atlantic Canada, many of which I'll be touching base with again soon on some great initiatives!
Now that this big weekend is over, I'll need to take some time this week to recover and and then write a number of e-mails updating our sponsors, connect with some of those I met over the weekend, and so forth.  

Oh, I seen a touch of open water on Darlings Lake on the way back yesterday, we could have open rivers in 2 weeks!

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